Chaniece – Owner and founder of Hypnotic Glamour Mommy Blog

Hello everyone and welcome! I’m Hypnotic Glamour (aka Chaniece). The Hypnotic Glamour Mommy Blog or HG MB is an extension of my original blog, Hypnotic Glamour!

I’m a first-time mommy who hopes to help other mommies through the ups and downs of motherhood, which I’ve come to find is one of life’s hardest jobs! Although it’s hard, who says it can’t be glamourous! I love being a mom and using the creative side of my brain. Alas, HGMB was born!

On this blog, I will discuss everything motherhood related including pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding, milestones, and more! This blog will document also my journey as well as tips, tricks, and deals I’ve discovered along the way.