Best Quarantine Mother’s Day Gifts

best quarantine mother's day gifts

This is a guest post from our friends at My Miracle Baby.

There is no denying that the pandemic has made the “new normal” difficult for everyone, especially when celebrating special occasions such as Mother’s Day. Millions of people worldwide have chosen to quarantine away from their parents, particularly those with senior parents.

While the pandemic has made it virtually impossible to celebrate Mother’s Day traditionally, this doesn’t mean that you need to cancel the celebration at all! It only means that you need to get a bit more creative when sending gifts and showing your appreciation for your mom.

The Best Gifts For Your Mom During the Pandemic

Organize a Surprise Zoom Party

You’re probably tired of having Zoom meetings at this point, but with the app’s “breakout” feature, you can organize a surprise Mother’s Day Zoom party! If you’re not aware of breakout rooms, they allow you to separate meetings into smaller groups. Think of it like putting a group of people in another room of your house while you prepare for a surprise party!

When the call starts, create a separate breakout room with all the participants of your Mother’s Day surprise. Then, once the rooms are ready, connect with your mom on the same Zoom call. It will be up to you when and how to surprise them with the waiting group of loving people!

Have a Gourmet Meal Delivered 

Before the pandemic started, your family probably had a favorite restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you’re lucky enough that the restaurant is still in operation, this is your chance to hit two birds with one stone! 

Most restaurants now offer online orders and delivery, so you can easily order your mom’s favorite meal even if you’re far away. Not only will you be sending a meal that’s filled with great memories, but you will also be supporting local businesses.

Flowers Are Always a Good Bet

There’s a reason why flowers have always been a classic gift during Mother’s Day, and there’s no better time to return to the classics than a pandemic. It helps give a sense of comfort and familiarity, and the splash of colors can brighten your mom’s day each time they see the flowers.

Just like with dining options, many flower businesses now offer online services. You can order a whole bouquet and have it delivered to your mom’s home with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Create a Virtual Scrapbook

The pandemic has made it hard to create new memories, so while you’re waiting to make new ones, why not make a virtual scrapbook with old ones? Get old pictures from friends and family, digitize the images, and create a scrapbook you can send to your mom.

If you want to go a step further, you can have the scrapbook printed, bound, and delivered to your mother’s house. You can even add a few blank pages at the end with a note saying, “For future memories, we’ve yet to make.”


While Mother’s Day during the time of corona might be different, this doesn’t mean that the love shared between families isn’t as strong as ever. It only means that people need to celebrate it a little bit more carefully before the world can return to normal. Instead of letting this time get you down, use the chance to make it more memorable and special by giving a bit more effort this year. You can be sure that your mom will appreciate it!

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