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Getting baby to burp can sometimes be challenging. I struggled a lot in the beginning because I was doing what I thought was correct. But after doing some research of my own. I have a few tricks that will help you to get your baby to burp quickly, each and every attempt. But first, let’s discuss why you want to burp a baby.

Why is burping important?

Burping a baby is important because babies take in a bit of air as they eat. Typically bottle fed babies take in more air than breastfed babies. This air can cause pain and discomfort for your little. Successfully burping a baby releases this air before it has a chance to cause a problem.

Hand cupping vs slapping

First and foremost, the method that most people use to pat the baby is incorrect. Most people “slap” the back of the baby’s upper back to get them to burp, which is an ineffective method. You actually need to cup your hand and tap the baby’s lower back in a slow, rhythmic motion.

Over the shoulder

Most of us know this technique and it’s the most commonly used burping position. However, most people I’ve seen using this method are not doing it correctly. Driest you need to make sure your baby is positioned correctly on your shoulder. Most people position the baby’s head on their shoulder but that is incorrect. You need to position baby’s abdomen on the shoulder.

over the shoulder burp

Sitting upright

Another successful method to get baby to burp is to sit them upright, in your lap, and tap their lower back using the hand cupping method explained above. I’ve found this to be the quickest of these methods.

sitting upright burp

Belly down

The last method is not one that I use as my baby hates being belly down however I have used it before and it works. Place your baby on your lap, belly down, and tap their lower back with your hand.

belly down burp

Still having trouble?

Sometimes I can help get things moving by putting baby on my shoulder and walking around a bit. The motion of me walking is enough to get things moving and I can get him to burp very quickly.

If you try any of these methods, please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out.


burping baby

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