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I had been using Laninosh disposable breast pads for months. In fact, I wrote a post about them here. While I do still like these pads and recommend them, I found a cheaper, greener alternative which is reusable breast pads. I ordered mine from for FREE. Keep reading and I will show you, how you can also get 5 pairs of free breast pads.

So there’s a little site I stumbled upon called (It doesn’t get any easier than that now does it? 😉 This site offers 5 pairs of breast pads for free (just pay shipping fees). Now, you are probably wondering, “Hey, that’s not free!” Okay, so you have to pay for shipping but the product itself is indeed free. Here’s my order for proof: order order

Each pair on its own is $3.50 a piece and two pairs come with each selection for a total of 4 pads for $7. A deal that is unbeatable anywhere, even without the discount.

With the discount being $35 off your entire order, that means you can get 5 pairs of breast pads for free! Now, the site also offers a couple of other deals. They offer 40% your order every day, just check the site for the discount code. Also, if you purchase at least 5 pairs of breast pads, you can get each additional pair for only $2. Now, remember each selection comes with 4 so that’s technically 2 pairs for only $2!

These pads come in so many different patterns you are bound to find one you like. They are super absorbent and also super soft which is great when you have sensitive or sore nipples due to breastfeeding. They are also very durable, I’ve washed mine many times now and they still perform A1.

If you give these a try, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to see how they worked out for you.

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