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Unless you have an oversupply, one of the most searched or most sought out answers breastfeeding moms look for is how to make more milk. Here are some very simple key factors that will help.

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Stay Hydrated

I find that my milk production is at its peak when I keep my body hydrated. I aim to drink a minimum of 4 liters of water daily. I have a ZeroWater pitcher filter which makes my tap water taste great and easy to drink. Here is my routine:
  • Before work – drink 1 liter
  • During work – drink 2 liters (1 liter before lunch and 1 liter after)
  • After work/before bed – drink 1 liter

Making sure to drink water only with each meal also helps.


Pumping Time

I find that I’m able to yield the most milk by being patient and taking the time to empty. It makes me a minimum of 20 usually no more than 30 minutes to empty and this is with using the letdown phase on my Medela Pump In Style Advanced electric breast pump at least 2-3 times.

Hands-on Approach

Massage each breast as you are pumping. This will help the milk come out, and as a result, increase the amount of milk expressed from each breast. I use my hands but you can also use a breast massager to do the work for you.

Other Factors

Some other factors are my diet. I eat oatmeal with chia seeds and almond milk every single morning for my breakfast. I also do not skip meals. When I’m hungry, I eat.


In Summary

So in short, 3 factors to help increase pumping output are:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Pumping time
  3. Hands-on massage
Please leave a comment if you try any of these tips and let me know how they worked out for you. Also, please let me know what are some of your tips and tricks to increase your pumping output!

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