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My baby has a case of eczema which sometimes flares up pretty badly. The pediatrician recommended I stop consuming all dairy and soy for at least two weeks, as well as get on a special formula, Similac Alimentum to try and get it to clear up. I did not realize how many of the foods I loved and ate on a regular basis have either dairy, soy, or both. I had to find creative ways to still be able to eat the things I enjoy, like yellow cake for example.

Once the two weeks was up, I was cleared to add soy back into my diet for a few days to see how he does. Then I can slowly add dairy products back to see how he reacts. The best way I’ve found to keep track of my food intake is by filling out a food journal. This way, if the baby has an adverse reaction, I can look back at what I ate that day to narrow down the cause. I’ve only been introducing one new food every few days so I can accurately track the problem food item, and will continue to do so until I know what I can vs. can’t eat.

So, how exactly am I tracking my foods? I created a simple spreadsheet, where I enter in foods I ate for each meal. A food journal is also a great way for mom to keep track of what she’s eating to make sure she’s actually eating. It gets hard out there sometimes and we sometimes forgo our needs because we are so consumed with taking care of little that weIl, we forget to eat!

So in short, to narrow down baby’s food allergies:

  • Keep a food journal to track what foods you are consuming.
  • Only introduce one new food item every few days.
  • When baby has an adverse reaction, refer back to the journal to see what foods you consumed.
  • Begin eliminating one by one, the foods you ate on that particular day to find the culprit.

If you are looking for a simple to fill and track food journal, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve created a FREE weekly food journal to share. Subscribe to the blog and you will receive your own customizable copy.


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