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The Playtex Diaper Genie is one of the staples for any mom with a baby in diapers. I mean it’s great, isn’t it? It locks away those smelly, poopy pampers while being discrete and compact. The only thing not so great about this device are the price of theĀ refill bags! A pack of 3 refill bags will run you about $17 and of course the larger the size of the diaper, the less that will fit in the genie. As you can probably imagine, this gets so expensive over time.

This is why I have decided to come up with a diaper genie refill hack that I will share with you.

You will need:

  • Trash bags
  • Diaper Genie refill ring

Go out and get some trash bags from the dollar store, yes, I said the dollar store (Dollar Tree is my fav). The 13 gallon size kitchen bags will do the trick.

First and most importantly, make sure you do not discard the diaper genie refill ring, otherwise, this hack will not work.

How to hack the genie

1. Open your trash bag
diaper genie refill hack with trash bag
2. Open the diaper genie lid and remove the refill ring.diaper genie refill hack
3. Feed the trash bag through the ring from bottom to top.
diaper genie refill hack


4.Wrap the open end of the trash bag around the refill ring and securediaper genie refill hack


diaper genie refill hack
5. Place the ring back in the top of the diaper genie.
diaper genie refill hack


6. Open the front compartment of the diaper genie, while stepping on the foot lever and feed the bag through all the way to the bottom.
diaper genie refill hack
7. Close the front compartment and your diaper genie is ready for use.
diaper genie refill hack
If you’ve tried this hack or are planning to try, please leave a comment below.
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diaper genie refill hack

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